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In April 2019, my very first Portrait of an embroiderer artist was that of Coline Bavois. We then collaborated on original patterns, which are still very successful. The costume designer and embroiderer did not stop there: she has just published a book on embroidery! An English edition will be available later on.
Photos – © Coline Bavois – photos protected by copyright – thank you
Text: Coline Bavois

Last September, I was contacted by Estelle, editor at Mango, who suggested that I write a book on the basics of embroidery, following the collection “Petit Précis de…” which is characterized by cute little books with a retro look.

This project immediately seduced me because I really like to transmit my passion and I already had in mind to write a book on embroidery. After discussing the administrative and financial aspects, I offered her a summary and started writing it. I had carte blanche for the content. My wish was to kindly transmit modern embroidery and the knowledge necessary to allow readers to embroider independently. Throughout this work, I kept in mind that the book could both help beginners get started while taking intermediate people further. For example, I selected the embroidery stitches thinking both about simplifying the steps, as well as about the different variations and possibilities they offered.

I imagined this book as the one I would have liked to have in my hands when I started embroidery.
A book rich in tips that make the stitcher’s life easier and make all the difference. From threading the needle to basic stitches and finishing touches, beginners will find all the advices they need to get started with peace of mind.
If embroidery is already part of your life, you will find lots of techniques and tips to go further in your practice and embroider your own designs! I took care to simplify and break down the steps as much as possible to make embroidery accessible to all those who would like to try!

As I progressed, I sent the chapters to Estelle who gave me feedbacks. Together, we imagined ourselves in the place of the person reading the book: “Perhaps these explanations should be simplified? or “This technique deserves to be developed using a diagram”. The thought process was always evolving, which made this work exciting.

All texts, diagrams and photos had to be ready by January. Then, time for the corrections and the layout working on the model created by the graphic designer. It was then the moment of the last modifications and corrections before sending to the printer. Nine months later, here it is available in bookstores! It is found in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, and my editor told me that it was going to be translated into English! After months of work and the discovery of the publishing world that was unknown to me, I am delighted to be able to help and support readers in their embroidery projects through my book. I wish them beautiful creations to come!

To celebrate the release of the book, I offer you the Guide to Embroidery material to download.
To order the book (in French): https://tidd.ly/3vAFEn3
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